Our Vodka

What makes Simple Vodka different? Well...how much time do you have?


Farm Fresh Ingredients

Great vodka starts with quality ingredients. For every bottle of Simple Vodka, we use 9.5lbs of farm fresh, locally-sourced Idaho Russet potatoes and fresh water via a 180-foot well that taps directly into the Snake River aquifer. That's it, just potatoes and water. No added sugar, flavors, or preservatives..


Sustainble Distillation

Our proprietary four column, fractional distillation method uses less energy and produces less waste than most. But that's not enough - we use wind energy, recycle our wastewater, and up-cycle our potato byproduct into animal feed. We like to leave the world a better place than how we found it. .


Superior Quality

HFarm fresh ingredients, pure water, and thoughtful distillation leaves us with a vodka that is distinctly round, ultra smooth, and slightly sweet. A vodka that shines in any cocktail while also deliciously satisfying on its own. We are honored to have won the prestigious Double Gold for the 2nd consecutive year.