Melon-dy Griffin Cocktail featured in US Weekly

Beat the heat with this frozen cocktail from Midnights in Brooklyn, New York, that features Simple Vodka. The vodka is sustainably produced, and for every bottle made, 20 meals are donated to U.S. hunger relief organizations. 

"Muggy summers remind us of snacking or just plain gorging on ripe, chilled watermelon, and then spiking it with any and all alcohols when we were older,” Paul Kolbe, a partner at Midnights explains to Us. “We wanted to recreate that feeling in a frozen cocktail and found that a good vodka was the best spirit to spike it with because it keeps the watermelon front and center. Simple Vodka is our go-to for this drink not only because it is crisp and subtle, but also because we like the idea of helping a good cause while enjoying a summer cocktail.”


• 1 oz mint simple syrup

• 1.5 oz Simple Vodka

• .25 oz fresh pressed lime juice

• Splash of fresh pressed ginger

• 3 oz watermelon juice


1. Combine all ingredients and mix together.

2. Refrigerate for 20 minutes. 

3. Stir again before pouring over ice and garnishing.

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Daniel Lafuente